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Not much in the way of original stories at the moment. My big project, Mecha Series Nine, is in the middle of a complete overhaul as I decided that the story's humor fell a bit flat most of the time. The outline'll stay more or less the same, though...

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Summary: Four high schoolers are prophesied to defend the Earth from a race ravaged by idol singer transmissions!  God help us all.

Record One: Genesis (Does what Nintendo Don't) - Makiko Kiyakuma goes out camping and ends up with more than a knapsack on her shoulders! How in the world is she going to put up with an alien scientist with a malfunctioning translator, a robot with controls labeled in Swahili, and dimensional portals in her bathroom? Well, the loss of sanity appears to be an option...

A brief character synopses list can be found here. Keep in mind that there may be spoilers, as this includes characters not introduced in chapter one and contains most of the old plotline (which may or may not be used in the rewrite).

The Mecha Series Nine Theatre:

The MS9 Theatre is what I use to review fanfics and general FFML stuff. Be amazed as the Chibi-MS9 crew provide both bad puns AND useful commentary! Hear them as they discuss how not like the Muhoshin siblings they are! Smell the ionic scent coming from your monitor! And more!

Currently, I've only got three public MSTs out, while the rest are used for prereading stories and stuff in private. If there's anyone you need to get the job done...drop them a line.

[YUA] Car Chase Chaos by JJC
[R1/2] The Pursuit of Happiness, Act 3, Scene 2 by RpM
[R1/2] Nabiki and Ranma 1/2 by Mike Malaspina

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This is a temporary section devoted to essays my father and I have written about my late brother, James Chu. His death have left a mark on both of us; and writing these have helped us get through quite a bit.

A Tribute to a True American by David Chu - My father writes about his times with Jamie and explores his more political side.
Dreams - Dreams are funny things, aren't they?

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Home - Written for an in-school writing contest. The first thing I've written under the PoMI label.
The Only Real Thing - A monologue I wrote during the summer of 1998 for my Theatre class.
New Virus Alert - My only piece of original spamfic. It parodies all the other virus alerts you get in your mailbox from your friends. Spread it today and make money in lira!

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