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Ah, art. I've never been the best artist in the world, but I've come a damn long way from doodling in my assignment book, and I don't mind a bit. ^_^ Well, here's my attempt at keeping up with the art community. Most of these chars are from the MS9 series...

Click the thumbnail to get the corresponding picture. Enjoy.


Makiko Kiyakuma -- This was my second published pic of her. (You don't want to see the first, trust me.) Her legs are a bit short but otherwise it's good, or so I like to think.
Makiko's "graduation pic." The thumbnail doesn't show it, but she's actually smiling, not grimacing. It's a nice pic otherwise.
Shin Kujigoku -- Come to think of it, all of these are "second published pics" because I didn't like any of the firsts... I liked the B&W version better, but this one's cool.
Shin's graduation pic. I gotta cut down on that hair...
Ukyou Takeshi -- Probably the character who's undergone the most chara design changes of the whole crew...especially the hair. Oy, this pic bites.
I like this grad pic a bit better, but the next pic I'm gonna post will be my favorite one of him...
Hanako Sakamoto -- Ukyou's counterpart who, coincidentally, has had the least chara redesigning...she's pretty much been this way since day one. I prefer the next sketch of her...
...this one. It's my personal favorite. This one was a bit small and scanned in at a higher resolution, so the inking lines look a bit weird. Hope you don't mind.
Hanako's grad pic. I like the pose, but there's something I must've missed, because it seems off to me...
The only piece of actual "real" anime fanart I've done. This is of Ryoko from Tenchi Muyou! and I think it looks pretty cool...click here for the same pic at double the size.
And this person here is Sailor H, from the Improfanfic "Magical Girl Hunters." Come check her^H^H^Hit out today!
This is my OTHER piece of MGH fanart, of the main character Yoi Kurasaka. This is a personal favorite among the B&W drawings...enjoy.
This was just something I decided to sketch for the heck of it. It started out as being another Sano sketch (starting out with his uniform), then I decided to...um, expand a bit. ^_^; See the obvious faux pas I covered.
I did this one after poking through some of Julie's pages. Just for the heck of it, I decided to see if I could construct a decent looking head. I got this alien pod person. ^_^; Eh, well, it still looks all right, I suppose.
This is that next pic of Ukyou that I referred to earlier, and it's hopefully his last hairdo. *rimshot* Seriously, this one came out pretty well, with the given exception of his feet. Or so I think.
Meet Mariposa, a character from Slayers Glorious, another Impro. I kinda went for a Newtype feel, which explains her name running up the side and the Slayers Glorious logo in the background. This is my first decent attempt at CG.

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