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You've stumbled your way across the web into my little niche of anime stuff. Have yourself a cookie. Although I haven't written much, I'm pretty damn proud of most of what I've written/drawn/composed. Most of those links to the side have the stuff you're looking for. Have yourself a looksee. If this site doesn't offer what you're looking for, try the little link down there labeled, appropriately enough, /links/.

If you came with no more intention than to find out about the author or to e-mail him, I question your purpose (since you probably already have my e-mail for the latter, and bio-hunting is just weird for the former) but supplied you with a link anyway. That very last one, labeled /about/, includes a link to my e-mail address as well as a chibi-bio.

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2001/12/28 - What? An update?! Well, kinda. I just wanted to tell people that I've finally finished my first Anime Music Video, and that it'll be ready for distribution soon! Of course, all the vital information is on this page, hosted by AnimeMusicVideos.org. Soon as it's up for download, check it out!

2001/7/5 - First update in almost three months, and it's just over a kilobyte. ^^; Hope you enjoy it anyway; it's in the spamfic section. Trimmed, added, and updated a couple links, too.
Meanwhile, I've been updating my Rurouni Kenshin fanscan page quite a bit recently. Should be updated weekly for a while to come, the way things are working out. I'll be updating this page more when I get back to school! Honest!...right.

2001/4/8 - Happy birthday to me. n.n

2001/4/4 - See? I'm NOT giving up this site. Just taking a while for updates, that's all. :P A new song has been added to the music page. Keep an eye out on the Rurouni Kenshin page below--I've been updating as often as rabbits try to get Trix.
Oh, and I decided to try out my hand at musicvid making. If all goes right, you'll eventually see a Trigun - Secret Agent Man music video from me. Don't keep the candles lit, it's gonna be a while yet as I figure out VideoWave III. ^_^;

2001/2/19 - Happy New Year amongst other holidays. ^_^ Not much updated this time around, but I'm not planning on abandoning this site. A couple new things listed in the fanfics page, mostly dealing with Improfanfic stuff, like the starter I submitted for the Impro4Ever sweeps (which didn't get in, but is going to be hosted at an as-yet-undisclosed indie site, making it sound much more important than it really is). Meanwhile, the other project I've been working on--a translation of the Rurouni Kenshin manga--is available here.

2000/9/23 - I'm certain many of my visitors know by now about the death of my older brother, James. Since then, my father and I have written a few essays about our memories of him--part of our ways of coping. For now, I'll post them on the Originals page; eventually, I plan on making a page devoted entirely to Jamie. I also plan to update the links page to include the 80-20 Initiative, which my family is a proud supporter of, as well as some of the sites that Jamie was webmastering. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

2000/7/26 - Wai! I finally finished the first chapter of Mecha Series Nine! Check out the originals page and have fun reading. ^_^

2000/6/27 - It's the immediate future, and here be the art updates. One new link added, more to come soon. I hope.

2000/5/2 - Oh, and I put up the lyrics to Drop Dead Sis, compliments to Phoebe for coming up with part of them.

2000/5/2 - Well, my computer's been reformatted, proper measures have been made to keep something this disastrous from happening again, and I _finally_ added the ego- booster^W^Wguestbook, almost a month after setting it up. Look for more art updates in the immediate future.

2000/4/26 - Disaster strikes as a random fluke drives Windows 98 into the ground. I'm using this as an excuse for a long-needed HD reformat and repartitioning. Meanwhile, there's a new song up in the music page. Listen and enjoy. Guestbook will hopefully be linked to sometime after the restoration and before exams.

2000/4/5 - New link in the links page. Smirnov.net is THE official art site of PoMI and stuff. Not just because of its hellagood art, but because Kristen is such a COOL person! </kissup>

2000/4/4 - Page has been announced on FFML. Watching those links come in...yep...get that tumbleweed out of the way!

2000/2/29 - Pages have been tweaked again and links have been implemented. Message left on the FortuneCity page that we are moving. Page is still running, though, and as mentioned, probably will for several months.

2000/2/29 - All basic placeholder pages implemented, and pages are tweaked for color and padding. Links to be implemented soon.

2000/2/28 - Index page first uploaded, version 2.0 design is up. FortuneCity page is still running and probably will be for a few months. No actual content; look for future updates soon.

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