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Spamfiction is basically chibi-fanfiction--smaller in size and more insane. You'll never see any spamfics going over 10k or completely dark (unless it's being used to the point of ridiculousness). This makes it easier for authors to create a "hit and run" fic that'll make the reader chuckle before hitting the dreaded d-key.

So, starting from my earliest to my latest, here we go...

/pomi/spamfics/type list.txt

[AMG] A Bad Wish - I'll always be happy that my first FFML submit was NOT a Ranma fic. This one explores what happens if a wish recipient were criminally insane...

[I-Y] Sailor Shikon - Don't ask. Really.

[R1/2] New Viruses based on Ranma 1/2 - Sent this in and compiled it. It was fun while it lasted.

[R1/2] Scenes from Ranma Clerks - Well, I was considering making a full version, but it was hard enough writing this one...so I didn't bother.

[MI][The other MI] MAISON: IMPOSSIBLE - The fic has notes talking about where the hell this came from. Just read it.

[R1/2] Kuno Writes a FanFic - My current pride and joy. People always do boring stuff like "Ukyou Writes a fanfic" or "Kasumi Writes a Fanfic." I wanted someone to write a story where everything was in full-blown KunoSpeak(tm). Looks like you have to do this stuff on your own...

[EVA] Dance Like You Want to Win! - Wrote down in five minutes, inspired by the bit where Asuka and Shinji have to work together to defeat the...I think they were the 7th and 8th Angel, with the pads and stuff. I saw the clip while watching an assorted-anime vid set to Mamboleo, and *bing!* idea. I think the post-author's-note punchline is better than the rest of the fic, though.

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