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Nothing much to say about these...they're links that I enjoy freqenting. I cut down the links I had before and added new ones... and allow me to put this link on top because it's the other page I help maintain...

TES: The Essential Site - There is no better Elder Scrolls fan-site on the face of this earth. Go now.

And while I'm at it, I may as well plug my Rurouni Kenshin Manga Translations page. Updated weekly, which is more than I can say for this site. ^^;

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The Anime Turnpike - The Web's authoritative anime directory.
Dark Horse Comics - Oh My Goddess!, Ghost in the Shell, Dirty Pair, and more!
Viz - Rumiko Takahashi's work is released by Viz, as well as Tenchi, Pokemon and countless other popular manga and anime.
Pioneer - Publishes tons of anime, including the Tenchi series, Trigun, and Serial Experiments Lain...
Bandai Entertainment (Anime Village) - The new stuff on Toonami is all Bandai. Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Blue Sub no. 6...and other titles, like Cowboy Bebop.
AnimEigo - Oh My Goddess!, You're Under Arrest!, and other well-known anime series that don't end with an exclamation point.
Anime on DVD - The ultimate source to find out about... well...you know.
The Anime Artists' Forum - An online art community I hang around in. Fun for one and all!

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Improfanfic - This is my fanfic starter page, the end-all-be-all of original fanfic. You will go NOW.
Sofaspud's Couch - Another excellent anime collective, with SofaSpud, XStylus, and other FFML authors giving tips on how to improve your fanfic writing! Plus, this site is the official host of Kenko's stories, including Girl Days and Redheads!
M Productions - Home of RpM, author of the Surreal World and The More Things Change/The Pursuit of Happiness. Incomplete as of the time of this update. Really incomplete.
The Lurkerdrome - Home of the Eternal Lost Lurker, author of fics like Sailor Moon Crystal and DragonBall Theta.
1/World - Todd Harper's webpage. Home to things like Marraige Prospects Beta and the Dirty Pair.
Sugar High - This is the home of the uber-amazing ranks-up-there-with-Ian-Kim-and-Toybox femme fatale fanartist, Kristen Smirnov! You MUST visit this site. Now.
Spoof Chase Productions - Headed by Twoflower, home of the prequel to ULTRA! and other stories like Lemon Sherbet.
Transpacific Fanfiction - Home to Mike Loader, Susan Doenime, and Alan Harnum, with fics like Waters Under Earth and Ill Met By Starlight...
Akane.org - Krista Perry's server, best known for Hearts of Ice, though she's got tons of other great writing. Also home to Gary Kleppe's page, author of Hearts and Minds.

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ChuGraphics - Though he and his site are no longer around, this link will be here to stay.
The International School of Geneva - My high school.  Tip of the hat...
Symbolic Systems - My employers, when I'm in town and I need a temp job.  Give them a hand for supplying me enough money for a small studio!
Tuukka's Homepage - Civ II, the Doors, etc.
Clara and Chloe - Not updated anymore.  People who like attractive homepages are advised to stay away. :P
Emilie and Elizabeth - An admittedly more normal pair that the peoples above.

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