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"Music can soothe even the savage breast[sic]." --Anonymous

I really couldn't imagine my life without music in it. I've been creating and transcribing music for at least five years now, and without it, I have no idea what I'd be like. This stuff is most everything I've created since I first got onto the web...

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For the longest time I was into what was then called MIDI sequencing--the art of covering songs in MIDI format. A lot of the songs I liked were either not covered or covered badly, so I started writing them myself...this is a small collection of most of the songs I did. Not all of them, but most of the better ones, qualitywise.

Genocide - Offspring - SMASH
Stupid Girl - Garbage - Garbage
Spiderwebs - No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom
Peaches - PUSA - PUSA
Supervixen - Garbage - Garbage
Love Thing - Spice Girls - Spice
The Impression That I Get - BossTones - Let's Face It
Turn Back Time - Aqua - Aquarium
I Think I'm Paranoid - Garbage - Version 2.0
Queer - Garbage - Garbage
Can't Get Enough Of You Baby - Smash Mouth
Clerks - Love Among Freaks - Clerks
All Star - Smash Mouth

And one oddball to all this would be the following remix from the Improfanfic "Magical Girl Hunters:" The Happy Healing Song Ska Mix. The song was written by Aaron Shattuck and NeoPuu, and I decided to turn it into a pseudo-ska mix...enjoy. ^_^

/pomi/music/type originals.txt

I used to have a bunch of originals up here, until I realized how stale some of them sounded. Recently, I've done a number of pieces for Improfanfic so I figured I may as well put them up here...

/pomi/music/type ffleg.txt

Where Our Brothers Fought On - This is battle music, pure and simple. The one moment that I enjoyed making was the little exclamation-bit at the end of the first couple of measures, where the pitchbend and the volume-up happen (hard to explain to those not MIDI inclined...) Designed to pump adrenalin, of course. [MID] [MP3]

The Wall - A small portion of the story takes place at the Sinners' Wall, where magic-using "heretics" are killed...the ocarina plays what I'd like to turn into the main theme for the story... Most of the work in this song went to creating a convincing ocarina sound, as well as convincing volume variation. [MID] [MP3]

/pomi/music/type dogood.txt

Drop Dead Sis - Since the Do-Gooders is supposed to be a hard rock band first and a group of magical people second, I figured they'd sound more like Offspring and less like the Happy Candy Band of Love. I'll probably add a guitar solo in here somewhere. [MID] [MP3] [Lyrics]

/pomi/music/type hhh.txt

Shining New Day - Conceived at about 4AM after listening to Sakura Saku (OP from Love Hina) and considering other OPs from Psychoshoujo shows I know (mainly "7 O'Clock News," the OP from Kodocha) this song stuck itself in my head and wouldn't get out. Very bouncy and genki; sounds kinda surferish. There's a vocal line somewhere in there, but 1) it's kinda hidden in there and 2) I don't have any lyrics for it, so having one in there is kind of artificial. I'll write some out sometime, I guess. This is TV- size, so it's about a minute long. I'll see to making a full-size version later. [MID] [MP3]

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