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And now, onto the links!

Companies involved with RK:

Shueisha (Japanese) - This is the company that put the manga out in Japan. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have RK.
Sony's official RK website (Japanese) - The people who brought us the TV series, the OAV series, the movie, and the new OAV series. They've got the 411 on the new OAVs...if you can read Japanese. If not, you can at least look at the pretty pictures. ^_^;
Media Blasters - The publishers of RK TV in the US. If only they'd update their site more than once every millenium...
ADV - The hand that feeds us that we all love to bite, these are the guys who brought us the Samurai X (*shudder*) OAVs and movie, and are partly responsible for funding the new OAVs. Let's give'em SOME credit, shall we?

Sites I'm involved with:

Improfanfic - Also hosted on, this is a writing community, which takes the concept of round-robin writing to an extreme. If it weren't for the people here, I never would've gotten the urge to create this site.
TES: The Essential Site - If you've seen screenshots for the kickass game that is to be Morrowind, you'll dig this site, which is dedicated to the entire Elder Scrolls universe as well as the games that populate it.
Products of My Imagination - This site was originally supposed to be an offshoot of this one, but it looks like it's gone the other way around. ^_^; PoMI has most of my art, music, fanfiction, and filksongs in one tidy little website.
Dual Translations - Occasionally, I pitch in with translating chapters for them. Not too often, but I do.

Other RK sites:

Maigo-chan's Ruroken Translations - I cannot stress enough that I would NOT be around without these translations. Maigo-chan's a godsend, and this site is a MUST-VISIT.
Tales of the Swirly-Eyed Samurai - The site that inspired mine in the first place. He's got more chapters up than I have translated and awaiting release, so visit here if you can't wait to see what happens next.
The Akabeko - This place is GREAT. Fanfiction, talking hosts (you just HAVE to see it to believe it), and the greatest RK scenarios never seen (Aoshi reading a self-help book). Not visiting this site at least once is a disservice.

Sites I frequent:

Anime on DVD - The name says it all. Every time I get my hands on an RK DVD, I send'em a review of it. (I did one for Gunsmith Cats, too, just for balance. :P) You'll find no greater resource for Anime on DVD than...well, you know. ^_^;
Akadot - Anime articles galore. - The largest database of Anime Music Videos you'll ever see. - Anime episode search, manga search, and the people responsible for that "Rate This Site!" thing on the front page. You want Jinchu? They got it, or they know of a place where you can get it.
DDR Freak - Did I mention I'm addicted to Dance Dance Revolution?
MegaTokyo - L4RG0 R0Xx0rZ, J0!...updated every Tuesday and Thursday.
Penny Arcade - A comic that no videogaming fan's life is complete without. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
8-Bit Theater - It's Final Fantasy I...if Fighter had no brains, Thief was a kleptomaniac, Red Mage took pride in his twinking, Black Mage had a megalomaniacal complex, and Garland was completely incompetent. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
Exploitation Now - The name says it all. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Obligatory plugs for some friends' pages (they ARE good, trust me!):

Sugar High - Incredible artwork, and tutorials to help you make your artwork as incredible as hers. - Despite its name, it's NOT a hentai site. More incredible artwork.
The Ultimate Codex of Twoflowerian Fiction - Author of Sailor Nothing and famous for his Slayers fanfiction, he also does music on his side. Bet you didn't know THAT, did you? - What link list of mine would be complete without a shoutout to the Iron Sysadmin Kesseki, the man responsible for hosting this site, and enduring 20-odd GB of file transfers per month without more than a blink? Don't forget that you can donate a couple bucks to keep the server up, or sign up for an account!

More links to come as I think of'em.

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