To Main Volume 1: Kenshin, or Himura Battousai
  Episode sizes:
Episode 1: 5.9MB
Episode 2: 2.7MB
Episode 3: 2.3MB
Episode 4: 2.3MB
Episode 5: 2.3MB
Episode 6: 2.5MB
Bonus 1: 3.9MB

Note to Linux/UNIX users: The first two chapters must have all the .JPG files renamed to .jpg (but the rest of the filename remains the same, casewise) if you plan to use the HTML files included. There was a slight error in making the HTML files. ^_^;

Also note that, in this volume (unlike the others), Kenshin says "My pardons" instead of "I say" for "de gozaru." Reasons why I changed over are explained in the Author's Notes, but you'll understand why after reading through some of this. ^^;

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