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Rurouni Kenshin: Tales of a Meiji Swordsman

Updates: April 28, 2003: If you haven't already heard the news, Rurouni Kenshin has been announced for Shonen Jump.
I'll let you parse that one again.
Rurouni Kenshin has been announced for Shonen Jump.
That means this site has done its job. Obviously, it wasn't alone in this matter, but I'm glad to see that RK has finally attracted the audience of the US manga industry. It now has the attention it deserves; I sincerely hope it gets the treatment it deserves. It's already on the right foot, because Shonen Jump manga is published unflopped. Let's hope the translation stays faithful.
However, that also means that the core of this site is no longer. By the time you read this, I'll have asked the Iron Sysadmin Kesseki to take the files off of the FTP server. This is why you can't click on any of the chapters anymore. (Ironically, we spent yesterday discussing using BitTorrent to lighten the server load, and then this!) That doesn't mean the site is gone, though--I'll still keep updating this thing as sort of a blog, and eventually I hope to turn this into a superior Rurouni Kenshin general information website, with a dash of Somewhere Down the Crazy River-style silliness thrown in. (Given my current status as a soon-to-be-graduate, it might take a while, if it does indeed get off the ground.)
Still, for those of you who were here only for the manga chapters, it's been real. I'm glad there were so many people supporting me, even though it's been a year since I last put up a chapter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
And into the night, he vanished...

April 1, 2003: We regret to inform you that Lawrence Chu has been kidnapped by aliens. Rurouni Kenshin Manga Translations shall herein be updated by his evil twin.
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We really, really regret this.
(Note: If it weren't for the HD problems mentioned in the last update, I would've posted a page from Volume 10 done entirely in 1337. Alas...)
March 28, 2003 Not much time online, just needed to explain why this month's "blog" entry isn't up--my computer HD go boom. Luckily, it only appears the Windows directory was corrupted, so I reinstalled Windows on it. However, I'm 99% sure there's a physical hardware defect in there (several months ago, I found sushi caviar in my notebook--AND I'M ALLERGIC TO FISH! I have no idea where it came from, since nobody else I know eats that stuff), partly because it took five attempts to start up my computer last time. Needless to say, I'm kinda loathe to install drivers on the thing requiring it to restart.
Luckily, since most all of the damage was in Windows, I was able to recover the few things that were really, really important to me on that computer: My Morrowind character/music collection, a few music files I was working on for the radio play I'm working on, and--the only one most of you guys care about--the first two chapters of Volume 10. I also have 4.5GB of Princess Nine footage for an AMV that I'll never be able to yank off without installing my burner, but I can always rerip that since it wasn't going anywhere anyway.
(Before you ask, I'm not ready to upload those two chapters of Volume 10 yet. Besides, it ends on a pretty harsh cliffhanger if you haven't seen the anime.)
Lordy, updating through Telnet is a pain. On the plus side, I've picked up a bunch of neat, old-school stuff recently while scouring through my home on spring break: The original editions of Bubblegum Crisis, Grave of the Fireflies, Lodoss OAVs, Ghost in the Shell, the Ranma movies, and the Tenchi movie. Also happened to pick up Noir 1 and Castle of Cagliostro (one I've been meaning to pick up for years now). Finally, I get to see BGC! Rawk. Still need to root through the other stuff, though.
Anyway, that's about all I can say for now. Hopefully Seisouhen DVD'll be at my comic shop when I swing by today. I've been looking forward to that for a while. Until next time!
February 14, 2003 I'm happy!: I got home today from a great night out on the town to discover that, in the meanwhile, CN decided to sneak Rurouni Kenshin on the Toonami schedule. Before anyone screams, 'nooooooo! Not my Kenshin!" and imagines billions of Dragonball Z-style fanatics jumping onto the bandwagon, take pride that you are one of the many people who discovered it before it went mainstream. I'm proud to see a show I love--so much that I dedicated a year of my life translating the comic format of it with as much care as possible--being broadcast to the public at large. I'm happy they're not calling it "Samurai X," and that they're using the Media Blasters version of the show.
I'm sad!: My grandfather, Jay Chu, passed away yesterday. He lived a fulfilling and eventful 81 years, saw all three of his children and four of his grandchildren off to college, and lived with his sense of humor and cheerfulness to the end. I love him with all my heart and won't ever stop. Thank you, Yeh-yeh, and take care of yourself.
January 28, 2003 Oh, by the way: If you haven't read the article already, you may already be a felon! For once, we don't blame Bush for signing the law into existence, we blame Clinton. I'm so glad I changed from straight-down-the-line Democrat to whatever-I-think-is-good-though-still-mostly-Democrat. Please remember that I provided you these translations and entertained you for a while if I accidentally drop the soap. ^_^;
January 27, 2003 Happy New Year, campers! Still no updates, as I am positively swamped in Financial Accounting and Macroeconomics work. Not to mention, having to housesit on a tight budget (well, not TOO tight, but when you own one anime DVD, you want to own them all), getting home at midnight three nights a week, yada yada yada. It's been pretty rough.
Someone misinterpreted an Anime Invasion article (or maybe Anime Invasion misinterpreted something that was put in the article), and for a second, people thought that Viz had acquired the rights to the Rurouni Kenshin manga. However, it wasn't to be...yet. However, Viz has just changed hands from Shogakukan to a new company (Viz LLC), half owned by Shogakukan, half by Shueisha, so there's still a very good possibility of it coming out in the US sometime soon. And Viz is starting to go Tokyopop with their GNs (from their April Release list, they're rereleasing the first two Ranma 1/2 tankoubon in a smaller size at $9.95), which means we may have a winner here.
And, of course, if that happens, this site goes down the minute I get the confirmation.
I'm glad I didn't watch the Superbowl last night. I hear it was a bad game, and living outside North America means I don't get any of the commercials, either. I DID download the new Matrix movie trailers, though. DROOL. God damn, I want to watch those badly.
Nothing else to talk about presently, beyond "Witch Hunter Robin rocks my supple ass" and "I hated the first two episodes of .hack//SIGN, damn Bandai for making the releases look so tempting!", so I guess I'll stop here. See you later!
December 25, 2002 Just a few words as I clean house in preparation for the folks coming back: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (a month late ^_^;), and have a Joyous Kwanzaa starting tomorrow!

From here on out, this page will be the sole text-only page on this site. I'll try my best to keep this updated as often as the graphical version, but no promises. ^_^; Don't worry, though--this page will encompass almost everything in the other pages (except for the cast page), without all the funky graphics or fancy tablework or anything.

Author's Notes - FAQ

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Please keep in mind that these files and pictures are all named by their corresponding page in the book, not by ordered numbers. This is why Volume 1, Chapter 1 starts on page five, not page one. The pictures in the ToC usually come from page six (in Volume 1, it starts on page four). You might also notice some one page gaps between some chapters. This is from the lack of the "making of the characters" section at the end of some chapters, as well as "filler pages" (which just have some little picture from one of the manga volumes).

Enjoy! See you next chapter!

What can I say? I've got too much time on my hands.
#1: From the end of Chapter 6.
#2: From the Bonus chapter.
#3, #4, #5, #6: THESE might need a little explanation. For those who don't know what "All Your Base" is, This link should do the trick. The pages are taken from Chapters 9 and 10. And it should be noted that these are to be read in order.
#7: Taken from Chapter 14. Only those who have seen Excel Saga will get this one. ^_^;
More to come...maybe.

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Legal Stuff

STORY DISCLAIMER: Although based on historical accounts, this work is entirely fictitious. Characters are either the author's (Nobuhiro Watsuki) creation or used by the author in a completely fictional situation.

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